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FAST S.r.l. has for some time now been working in the integrated logistic field.

The main objective of our activities is to reach ultimate CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Various means are used to reach this goal such as human resources and technical know-how, which allow us to offer our customers a complete service of integrated logistic solutions.

Our vision of integrated logistics is one that consents the customers to be able to reduce the employment of its resources on non commercial activities such as stock management, distribution, order management, customs, import-export, tax representation etc.

All these activities will need to be personalised according to the company requirements, bringing about savings and allowing a major dedication to the commercial aspect of activities without losing track of the activities out-sourced to FAST S.r.l.

FAST will supply you with a specific web page which will be accessed by a password and will provide updated information on the company’s stock in the warehouse.

Yours sincerely

Fabio Furgada

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