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If you wish to sell in Italy/Europe but you believe the fixed costs and taxes, which you would have to pay, are extremly high, Fast will be your solution ! The expences will be reduced to the effective use of this service without taxes and responsabilities, yet you keep your company identity towards the clients.

Who is the fiscal representative?
The fiscal representative can be either a person or a corporation that resides in the territory of the italian State and must be qualified according to the italian D.P.R (Decree of the President of the Republic) n. 633 issued in 1972.

Why to designate a fiscal representative?
According to the italian D.P.R (Decree of the President of the Republic) n. 633 issued in 1972, people who do not live and do not have a permanent company in Italy, can designate a representative which resides in the territory of the State. This designation is made in order to fulfill and exercise the objectives and rights which come from the application of the VAT decree in the State such as invoicing, accounting record, annual declaration and so on.

Which advantages does the fiscal representative offer?
If you designate a fiscal representative, you will have many advantages such as a high professional local competence, no expences concerning the building of your company and the management of it. Nevertheless, you will keep your company's name.

Which services does the fiscal representative offer?
The fiscal representative takes care of the italian registers and VAT. It imports and invoices on behalf of its customer, it can represent him within the local law and help him in any kind of problem which the trade involves.

Which advantages does your Italian/European customer have?
The advantage of your Italian/European customer will be to have a qualified mother-tongue interlocutor who takes care his goods and of the fiscal administration of his company from the importation to the final payment of the goods.

Fast will be your solution!

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